Angel Poems ~

As I walk the path my footsteps create thru the snow skiffed grass in the misty laden field...
I remember the words of an Angels voice...
Murmuring words of Love and Compassion while I walk a path I do not know nor want...
For I woke one mornings softly lit winters eve, and felt a tug deeply inside my aching hearts concern...
The sound of silence rang thru my head as I turned to see the call of a rainbow glinting against a gray cast sky...
As I gazed at the beauty that befell my eyes,
I heard the call of a Robin heading for new winds and the chatter of Geese flying south for the winter...

It was then, I knew what I feared most... no longer would I see the smile I loved to see whenever I looked their way,

No longer would I hold the hand of wisdom, warmth and security that lead me to be who I am today,

No longer would I dial the number that lead to the understanding and patient soul that taught me right from wrong...

Now, with the calls of the wild above my head and the whispers in the winds,

The last glint of light held fast for my path to be steady...

I feel my lips say... "Goodbye, I love you forever".... and I hear the Love of the Angels singing what they know in my head,

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"I am not gone, I am only away...
I will see you again and I will never leave your side, you are my treasure, my light, my love..."
Tears befall my cheeks as I kneel on bended knee, and thank my God for the Love I was given,
The blessed years I will never forget...
I humbly watch the rainbow fade out of sight and I turn and go another way....
Towards the Love of the Angels and the arms that will hold me tight ...

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